Museum Kalkriese

Romans and Teutons

Who was Varus? And what was that old Roman’s business here? How could a certain Arminius beat him and his legions so devastatingly? And how do we even know, where those dramas took place centuries ago? Archeology and history are not dry or old news at all. The Varusschlacht-Museum (Battle of the Teutoburg Forest Museum) in Kalkriese shows how to impart German history to students in a vivid way. With help from us.

From their most thrilling excavation findings inkl.Design and the „Museum und Park Kalkriese“ drafted learning materials for students. It is free to download and finally designed in a fresh way that will make even the most demanding teenagers take a look.

Two figures will take the students on a wild ride. The booklet is geared to its target audience with being playful and sporting an appealing collage technique.

The content consist of four modules – ‚The Romans‘, ‚The Germans‘, ‚Archeology‘ and ‚Research and Information about the excavation site of Kalkriese‘. We wanted to get away from dry school book design, that makes it obvious that adults were trying to be cool here. inkl. has always been a bit of a rebellious teenager at heart. And we think that’s perceptible here.

Detail photo of the learning material folder with the cover page The Romans
Illustration of several males all doing different things
Photo of two girls filling out the learning material
Photo of a learning material page with an image of Oskar, one of the two protagonists
Illustration with two Roman warriors, one of them on a horse, the other with an axe
Photo of the inner cover of the learning material with funny vignettes
Photo of a learning material page with illustration of a Roman warrior and photos of found weapon parts
Illustration with two Germanic warriors, one of them on a horse, the other with an axe
Photo with illustration of a Roman warrior for the chapter Romans in Germany
Photo with detail of an illustration of the territorial distribution of the Germanic tribes
Photo from above on the illustrator's work table, who is currently drawing scenes with Sophie and Oskar
Cover photo of the folder The Learning Centre with Oskar and Sophie
Illustration of three warriors
Illustration of several males all holding different things in their hands
Detail of an illustration by Sophie marking a place in pencil
Illustration of an orange surface - house colour of the museum and design tool of the learning material
Detail photo of a learning material page with historical explanations and questions
Photo of a folder sheet for the section Kalkriese and the Varus Battle

Oskar and Sophie

Illustration introducing Sophie to guide you through the worksheets.
Illustration of Sophie's younger brother Oskar, who also guides through the worksheets
Illustration of Oskar and Sophie in combination with photographic images of Roman and Germanic statues

Graphic Concept

Photo with illustration of the worksheets "The Romans" and "Archaeology and Research
Photo of the next project: Museum Kalkriese with the topic "Romans and Germanic tribes". The photo shows a detail photo of the learning material - Oskar and Sophie in dialogue about the Germanic tribes.
Detail photo of the learning material page The tribes of the Germanic tribes
Detail photo of the learning material page The tribes of the Teutons


Worksheet on the topic description "Kalkriese and the Varus Battle" with illustration by Oskar and Sophie
Worksheet "The luckless general" with an Oskar and Sophie comic strip to deepen knowledge
Worksheet "The site of the Varus Battle", on which Sophie illustrates the most important battle sites on a map.
Worksheet "Even more finds", on which Oskar explains further excavation and find sites with the help of a map.


Photo of a smiling girl proudly showing the folder "The Learning Centre with Oskar and Sophie".
Photo of a joyful looking girl at her desk with learning materials and pens.
Photo with a view of the page Teutons in Numbers, which is just being filled in by a girl with a pencil
Photo with view of the learning material page: Where archaeological finds feel at home
Photo of the draughtswoman drawing

Project Details

Project Scope: Character­ Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Concept, Illustration