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Design for inclusion:
Inspire people, create change

We are inkl. Each day we design inclusion: with products and services, strategic consultancy and accessible wayfinding systems.

The project image shows a studio shot of the closed tactile book „Vom Kloster zum Humboldt Forum“.
The project image shows the large-scale motif „Was Solides “ in a Berlin subway station.
The project image shows a side view with glasses and a bottle of the tactile touch model „Gläserstillleben“.

At inkl.Design, the focus is on diversity. That’s why we think, design, consult, produce and research with a lot of curiosity and know-how to make design work for everyone.

Whether for clients in the cultural, educational and social sectors, in tourism or business, we are all about practical, well-designed and meaningful solutions that respond to the needs of people and the demands of places.

Inclusion is our aim. Design is our tool.
We for you and all for inkl.

We were awarded.
We are proud of that.

International Association for Universal Design, IAUD Gold Award 2021
Logo "German Design Award Winner 2020"
iBbY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2019
The inkl staff stands together in a group, wearing masks and are happy. They have champagne glasses and balloons in their hands, are draped with garlands, confetti falls from above. Two colleagues in the front row are holding a large banner. It says: International Association for Universal Design, IAUD Gold Award 2021.

Gold and Silver for inkl.Design

In an effort to set the right tone for a really great news, we formulate with due objectivity: We are pleased to announce that inkl.Design has won the IAUD Award 2021 in Gold and the IAUD Award 2021 in Silver.

The projects could not be more different and show the whole repertoire on which inkl. plays virtuously: The Neanderthal Memories Project in Mettmann scores with the playful communication of knowledge about the Stone Age for everyone. Our award-winning work at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site sets standards in terms of safety and usability.

The jury of the International Association for Universal Design is top-class. All the more reason for us to be delighted about this recognition. Don’t worry, we’ll keep our feet on the ground and only freak out for a second: Aahhhhhh! That’s it.
Back to work!

The photo shows a rotatable, tactile overview plan of the entire Bücherhallen Hamburg building.

Inclusion in the Hamburg libraries

What happens when a large state library takes up the slogan: “We want to become the second living room for the people of Hamburg”? It can’t avoid the topic of inclusion. Where millions of users borrow books and other media, communities use work spaces and hundreds of books are read every day, all people should be included and find what they are looking for. That is why we have been working on this change with the Bücherhallen Hamburg for many months.

An inclusion concept is in place, now it’s time to implement it. For the bookworms and learners of German, the partially sighted, the wheelchair users, the experts and the first-time readers, we will make the Hamburg libraries fit for the future.

We will report more soon.

Animation of the interns Elisa and Miriam

Hello to Elisa
and Miriam

Despite the unstable weather, one thing is certain: spring is in the starting blocks. Just like the two new interns Elisa and Miriam. They will accompany us in this summer semester.

Elisa Machmer is studying product design at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. Miriam Pujiula Buhl is studying Visual Communication at The Braunschweig University of Art.
Welcome to our team.

We are looking forward to working with you.


A look at the tactile orientation plan. With high color contrasts and tactile lines, the building outline can be seen as well as a designation of the rooms. A cane holder is attached to the front left side of the table.

Orientation in unfamiliar buildings

In the entrance area of a district center in Munich there will soon be an orientation plan. In the entrance area of a district center in Munich there will soon be an orientation plan. What is important to us inkl.designers is that our plans are for everyone.

Information and room names are written in Braille and profile letters and are visually complemented by clear icons and high contrasts. The floor plan is also raised. This enables people with visual impairments to find their way around the room independently by touch. Of course, the plan is also easy to reach for people in wheelchairs.

Graphics Good things need Braille

Stand out with Braille!

Do you also want to? Then we have something for you! Because we not only design, we now also print everything that has to do with Braille.

Whether it’s business cards, stickers, brochures, maps or whatever, we can realize it for you.

Ask us and discover our possibilities!

Photo of a person looking at the mobile orientation map of the Hölderlinturm Museum Tübingen

Even small steps help

It is not always necessary to undertake a large-scale project to improve the accessibility of a cultural institution. Because before changes are not made due to a lack of money, small steps can also lead to a bigger impact. Mobile orientation maps, for example, make it possible to get an overview of a building. Equipped with tactile lines, they provide necessary information not only for blind visitors.

We produced these maps for the Museum Hölderlinturm in Tübingen. Together with an audio guide, an important inclusive offer is now available.

Tamara stands at another tactile model. On one of the curved steel sheets, a human foot is modeled with the sole pointing upwards. On the second lies the hand of a bonobo monkey. In the background a staircase leading upwards and parts of the exhibition.

Tamara Ströter on the project at the Neanderthal Museum:

“I think
the feet are funny.
You always would like
to tickle them.”