LVR-Landesmuseum, Neanderthal Museum 

Adventures in the Stone Age
Kawi and Nuka

The Neanderthal is probably the most famous Rhinelander. The LVR-Landesmuseum Bonn and the Neanderthal Museum Mettmann have therefore developed a children’s book with the Stone Age adventures of two little Neanderthals in cooperation with Carlsen Verlag. inkl.Design took on the consulting in terms of accessibility and accompanied the book project from start to finish with its expertise.

“inkl.Experts” were involved in the development of the story, advised illustrators during the book’s creation process and provided feedback for the individual intermediate stages. Finally, we set the Braille and supervised the production of the children’s book.

In the implementation of the project, we benefited from our experience in the development of the award-winning children’s book “Bunte Bande” which inkl.Design designed together with “Aktion Mensch” and which set standards. We are proud that a second book is now available with the same approach and the attention to detail that is a matter of course for us.

The new children’s book is all about Kawi and Nuka, two friends living in the time of the Neanderthals. An introductory text in everyday language and a corresponding version in Easy Language introduce the protagonists.

Kawi and Nuka lived in a time when all tools were made of stone, readers learn. Their exciting story is about a hunt for reindeer, which has a significant influence on the two children. The special feature: On the text pages with everyday language, the story is also printed in transparent Braille.

In the book, there are also short introductions to what actually is easy language. The principle of braille is also explained in everyday language, easy language and braille.

The book costs 14.95 euros and is available in museums and from Carlsen Verlag.

A Glance at the Book

Two copies of the children's book "Stone Age Adventures with Kawi and Nuka". The cover features an illustration of the two main characters Kawi and Nuka.
Close-up of avpage of the book. Kawi and Nuka are resting on a large boulder. There is transparent braille on the illustration.
Close-up of a page of the book. Part of an illustration is visible at the bottom of the image. Above it is a text in both black print and braille. A pictogram with braille is placed at the upper right edge of the picture. An arrow points to the braille on the inside of the book.
Close-up of a page of the book. There is a large illustration over two pages. It shows different children collecting berries. In the middle is a white spiral bound. Again, black print and braille are combined.
Close-up of a blue easy-to-read language page, which always follows a double page with everyday language and Braille. In the upper left corner of the picture is a pictogram for easy-to-read language. An arrow points to the book page.
Excerpt from the presentation of the inclusive children's book ”Steinzeit-Abenteuer mit Kawi und Nuka”with marking of visually impaired-friendly design elements.
Picture of a double page of Easy Language page. There are illustrations and the text from the previous page as easy-to-read text.
Close-up of an illustration from the book. Kawi and Nuka have discovered hoofprints in the ground. Kawi is whistling for a friend. At the top of the picture there is text in black print.

Inclusion in Use

Graphic of a double page with explanations of the individual elements of the page
Graphic explaining the structure of the book
Close-up of a blue Easy-to-read Language. Pictured is an illustration and text from the previous page, the text is in Easy-to-read-Language. Kawi and Nuka are waving to members of another Neaderthal family.

Project Details

Project Scope:  Consulting of illustrators, Advice on technical production issues (Braille, book binding, logistics), Consulting (typography, fonts, contrasts), Realisation of the braille text, Proofreading of the Braille texts, Checking the design for accessibility