LWL-Museum of Art and Culture

„Mensch!“ – a Museum Guide Book of a Special Kind

The LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster has been a pioneer for accessible art offers in North Rhine-Westphalia for years. We “inkl.Designers” were asked to develop and produce an art book with six tactile paintings from the museum’s permanent collection.

The selection of the paintings follows a red thread: How were and are people in different epochs represented in art? How did their artistic expression change over the centuries?

The spectrum ranges from the early Middle Ages, in which there are no worldly representations of humans at all, to the performance art of Joseph Beuys. Not only blind and visually challenged people, but all art lovers will gain an extraordinary insight into the Münster collection with this art book.

The time span of the motifs ranges from the 12th century with the Bockhorst triumphal cross, which shows the suffering Jesus not suffering at all but with his head raised, through the 16th century with the “Family Picture of Count Rietberg” by Herman tom Ring , which can be read like a marriage advertisement, to the 19th century with the painting “Lady with Child” by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. Paula Modersohns-Becker and Otto Mueller stand for the 20th century. The object “Küchenchef” by Joseph Beuys closes the extraordinary composition.

All motifs can be experienced sensually in an art book, which is accompanied by a comprehensive audio CD. Specially composed music and professionally recorded texts complete the package.

All six motifs are provided with transparently printed, tactile structures, which reproduce the most important details of the picture composition on the coloured original. In combination with the audio description, this results in a comprehensive impression for the viewer.

In addition to the art book, we have also produced five of the motifs as portable tactile paintings. Their low weight, the handy dimensions of approx. 35 x 50 cm and an even more concise tactile elaboration have already proven their worth during museum tours for blind people.

A Glance at the Tactile Book

Image of the tactile cover with braille
Excerpt with large Braille from the LWL touch book
Detail view of the tab system in the touch book
A person reads Braille on a lead page in the tactile book
View of the audio CD with audio descriptions in the tactile book
View sitting gypsy girl from touch book
Illustration of painting lady with child from tactile book
Detail view of painting Lady with child with reinforced white lines for people with visual impairment
Representation of a fold-out page with the illustration "Chef" by Joseph Beuyz.

Portable Tactile Paintings

Detail of the tactile painting "Sitting gypsy girl".
Photo of a person feeling the tactile painting gypsy girl
Detail view of tactile painting gypsy girl

In Detail:
Das Bockhorster Triumphkreuz

The Bockhorst triumphal cross in two views

Listen here to the text on the interpretation of the sculpture “Bockhorster Triumphkreuz” made of oak wood. (audio only in german)

Detail of the tactile painting Bockhorster Triumphkreuz
Detail of the tactile painting Bockhorster Triumphkreuz
Detail view of the Bockhorst triumphal cross

In Detail: Paula Modersohn-Becker,
Self-Portrait with White Pearl Necklace

Photo with mobile tactile painting self portrait with pearl necklace

Listen here to the text on the interpretation of the painting “Self-Portrait with White Pearl Necklace” by Paula Modersohn-Becker.

Project Details

Project scope: Creation and production of the tactile book “Mensch!” with tactile illustrations, graphic design and layout, planning and implementation of five mobile tactile paintings with matching carrier bag, including product design and 3D data creation. Support of studio recordings audio CD, production support and music selection