Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Accessibility Concept and Wayfinding System

It’s better to see where to go at first glance, isn’t it? Before the renovation of the most significant monument in Saxony – The Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Monument to the Battle of the Nations) in Leipzig – we were commissioned to create an accessibility analysis. Furthermore we created an accessibility concept, which means we worked out how people with different forms of disabilities can access the monument and learn about it.

For the first time this project wasn’t only about the constructional accessibility but also about the communication of the museum’s content.

On the basis of our accessibility concept the renovation has been realized since 2012.

In order to make it really great we also designed and realized an inclusive wayfinding system for the building and the park. The different levels and accessibility possibilities to the monument are now much easier to understand. With modern pictograms and multilingual information signs Leipzig is now prepared for all who come to gaze in amazement.

A grass-green colour field.
A sign to the lift in white with a black pictogram. Below that, a green sign with the number for the audio guide.
The monument, a tower-like building made of red-brown clinker in the front view. In front of it is a water basin. All around is the green park. Some visitors are wandering around the grounds.
Photo of Gregor Strutz pointing out an orientation board designed by Inkl. Design at the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig.
Pictogram "Passage forbidden“
A small information board showing a detailed drawing of the building's dome is mounted on one wall of the stone masonry.
A picture from the design process. A detailed drawing of the monument in cross-section hangs on the wall. Someone is describing notes stuck to the drawing.
A picture of the observation tower. There are two signs on the stone balustrade with warnings and information.
Section of a general plan with marking of the cashier's office building".
Piktogramm „Audio Guide“
Illustration of a green orientation sign for wheelchair users
The pictograms were printed out during the working process for closer inspection and pinned to the wall.
Sketch sheet from the design process of the wayfinding system
View into the building through a glass wall. On it is a token representation of the monument.
Graphically greatly reduced image of the monument for use in the orientation system
An image from the design process. A strip of a colour fan with gradations of green tones lies on a section of a detailed drawing of the monument, on which some areas are highlighted with green tones.

Accessibility Concept

Section of the accessibility concept for blind and visually impaired visitors developed by incl. Design
Markings in the site plan to show the planned locations of museum services for blind and visually impaired visitors in the monument
Illustration of the tactile model "Monument to the Battle of the Nations" for blind and visually impaired visitors and people in wheelchairs
Illustration of the marking of the compass direction as well as the warning "Danger of falling" as a pictogram, with Braille and profile writing on the wall of a viewing platform.

Graphic Concept

Overview of the pictograms of the orientation system and their application on information boards
Orientation board in the outdoor area to reach the monument with special routing for wheelchair users
Overview of pictograms with path markings and warning and prohibition notices

Wayfinding System

Figure in two parts. Left: Photo of an orientation board with a description of the path relationships between the ticket office and the main entrance. Right: Photo of a complex orientation board in the open-air site showing the entire complex.
A picture of the observation tower. There are signs on the stone tower wall with information on how to access the dome.
Focus on an information board showing the monument in cross-section. In the background, the imposing monument can be seen stretching into the cloudy sky.
Photo of the three-dimensional tactile model of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig and the corresponding orientation legend for the visitor levels
Photo with two blind people orientating themselves on the tactile model

Project Details

Project Scope: Extensive accessibility analysis, accessibility concept for visitors in wheelchairs, for blind and visually impaired visitors, museum concept for blind and visually impaired visitors, analysis of orientation needs, conception of wayfinding system, conception of barrier-free elements (2-sense principle), concept tactile model, layout and graphic design, icon family, three-dimensional illustrations of monument and park, production management